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Wishup Affiliate Network: Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting an Application Form, or by accessing the Interface, the Person named in the Application Form (the “Affiliate” also known as “Affiliate”) is offering to participate in the Wishup Affiliate Network, and market our services in accordance with the Application Form and these Standard Terms. By submitting an Application Form, the Affiliate is also agreeing to the terms of Wishup’s privacy policy, which can be found here: https://www.wishup.co/terms-and-conditions

2. Acceptance of the Application Form is subject to the sole discretion of Wishup Technology. Acceptance or rejection of the Application Form will be notified to the proposed Affiliate by email.

3. On acceptance of the Application Form by Wishup Technology, the Application Form and these Standard Terms, including the applicable data processing annex(es), will together constitute a legally binding “Agreement” entered into by Wishup Technology and the Affiliate. On rejection of the Application Form, no agreement will be formed.

4. The Affiliate is the operator of a website, application or service (including email service), or is a Subnetwork. By entering this Agreement with Wishup Technology, the Affiliate will join the Network to market our services i.e. Wishup Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers, Software Developers, and Software Testers.

5. This Agreement prevails over any terms supplied by the Affiliate.

6. Any individual contracting on his or her own behalf warrants that he or she is aged 18 or over. Any individual completing the Application Form on behalf of a proposed Affiliate warrants that he or she has all necessary authority to bind that proposed Affiliate.

7. We do not allow articles and links on gambling, casinos, vaping, betting and anything that is offensive and inappropriate. You may not promote Wishup Technology in any form of misleading or damaging way to its reputation and integrity.

8. We reserve the right not to pay the commission if we do not believe the sale to be genuine. You may not bid on any keyword on Google that Wishup Technology, or it's partners, are currently bidding on.

9. We will only pay for a “Qualified Purchase”. A “Qualified Purchase” does NOT include the following:

9.1. A purchase by a Referred Customer that has transferred from any Wishup Technology partners or subsidiaries.

9.2. A purchase by a Referred Customer that is not up to date on its payments or is subject to a refund, referral, or other program.

9.3. A purchase that was completed prior to the Affiliate joining the Affiliate Program or was not tracked properly through an Affiliate Link.

9.4. A purchase that Wishup Technology suspects, in its sole discretion, is the result of fraud, which shall include but is not limited to, the use of software that generates real and fictitious information, multiple accounts from the same customer, or the referral of accounts that do not comply with this Agreement.

10. Wishup Technology reserves the right to suspend the payment of Commission Fees at any time and indefinitely, if it suspects fraud or other improper activity or a potential breach of any of the terms of this Agreement by the Affiliate or a Referred Customer.

11. Wishup Technology reserves the right to deduct from Affiliate's current and future Commission Fees any and all Commission Fees corresponding to any fraudulent, questionable, and cancelled purchases.

12. Wishup Technology reserves the right to immediately cancel or withhold for later review any Commission Fee that fails to meet the criteria of a “Qualified Purchase.”